Watts Bar Utility District
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Online Payment Information

Important Notice about paying with the online payment site.

The online payment system says, “By enrolling, you agree to receive your monthly bill via email and
will no longer receive a copy of your bill in the mail.”
This is not correct and you can choose if you
want to receive a bill via postal service or not.

To ensure that you receive proper credit, you should contact WBUD next business day after paying online.

Payment settlement time is 11:00 pm est. Any payment made after 11:00 pm est. will be settled the
next business day at 11:00 pm est.

All Payments made will be applied to your water and/or wastewater bill. Payments will not go towards
the following, but not limited to: Tap Fee Accounts, Service Charges, or other fees or charges. To make
those payments, please use other payment methods, i. e. over the phone, mail, in person at the main office, etc...

If unsure about the payment and how to make it, please call the office during regular business hours.

Click here to Pay On-Line

Watts Bar Utility District (WBUD) will not disclose any information provided by you on our website, except
our financial services provider, (bank) if needed. WBUD will collect only your credit card information and
billing information needed in order for you to pay your utility bill to Watts Bar Utility District, which is
required to perform online payment transactions.

If you are disputing any water bill received by Watts Bar Utility District (WBUD), please notify WBUD in
order to investigate the matter and put your account on hold. WBUD will not charge your account until
the dispute is resolved. If an excess charge is made due to a water leak or dispute, WBUD will refund
the excess amount charged if approved by WBUD Board of Directors.